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Welcome to Absolute Diamond Blades. Suppliers of Quality Diamond Tools & the Absolute Best Value for Money Grinding Machinery in New Zealand!!!

We provide Greater Value across the board: quality diamond tools, excellent practical expertise and really great service. With Absolute Diamond, you get exactly what you are looking for -
More Value. Less Hassle.

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We carry a wide range of Diamond Blades to cut all Masonry Material in the sizes commonly used. As well as, a range of Power Cutters, Core Drills & Masonry Saws.
If we do not list a blade you are looking for please enquire as we are most likely able to source what you need.

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Ingco $600 Combo Deals


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How to Acheive Beautifully Polished Concrete Surfaces -
to a REAL Standard!

We endorse a concrete polishing process that achieves the only industry developed standard for refinement of concrete surfaces!
Providing both the Consumer & the Contractor confidence that the desired result is being delivered.
Measurable, Sustainable & Repeatable results in Polished Concrete finishes


We offer the ABSOLUTE Best value for money grinding machinery in NZ!!
As well as, a wide range of diamond tools to suit most major brand - Handheld Grinders, Stand Up Grinders & Planetary Grinding Machines.

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Absolute Diamond Blades Ltd aims to help diamond tool operators get the most out of their diamond blades...

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