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Dust Control

12v Li-Ion Battery Powered
20L Water Supply

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Battery Power Water Supply

Tough, Reliable, Portable

  • Capacity : 20 Litres
  • Battery : 12V Lithium
  • Can connect directly to machinery such as Brick Saws, Concrete Saws or Core Drills.
  • Great for cleaning up.  
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Not all dust control is equal!
Dont just collect it! Seal it and get rid of it.
There's no escaping with our great range of Dashclean vaccums with the continuous bag system.

Drop down dustless

View the DashClean Range 


Do you want to cut dry, dust free but don't want to get a new saw?

Check out this Table Saw mod you can easily have done to your saw, call us and we can send you all the details:


Absolute Diamond Blades Ltd aims to help diamond tool operators get the most out of their diamond blades...

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Are you looking to cut bricks dry and want to 
keep the dust at bay? Check out our
Dashclean Extraction setup!
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