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Cup Wheels & Shrouds

We provide a comprehensive range of high performance cup wheels for grinding even the toughest of jobs. From extremely aggressive cup grinders for the hardest of concrete to fine finishing requirements, we have the cup wheel to suit. 

Vacuum Brazed 30# Grinding Cup

20210804 092314 (2)-745

Specifically made for Grinding Timber Substrates. Effortless Urethane Removal.

Available in 180mm or 125mm

180mm Diamond Cup Wheels


7 seg T cup

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20190815 165250 (2)-102

Sharp Cup

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5 Segment V Type

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20200317 140410 (2)-889

10 Segment V Type

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Para (2)-86

Para Cup

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20200317 140511 (2)-501

6 Segment Turbo Type

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12 Segment Swirl Type

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20180802 160501-464

Turbo Type

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20180802 155906-239-165

Double Turbo Type

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20190801 113457 (2)-495

Ceramic/Resin Edging Cups

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180mm PCD Cup Wheels


9 PCD Cup

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24 Seg PCD Cup Wheel

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20191018 102139(1)-814

Split PCD Cup

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105mm & 125mm Cup Wheels


105mm dia. 5V Soft

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20190124 124915-647

125mm 6 seg. PCD Cup

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20180821 093852 (2)-291

125mm Para Cup

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20180821 093626 (2)-116

125mm Cyclone Cup

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20180821 093601 (2)-713

125mm Turbo Cup

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20180821 093518 (2)-434

125mm Cont. Rim Cup

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Progressor Tooling

Rubber Mounted Cup Wheels

Rubber Mounted Cup Wheels 

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Spring Blades on plate-558-661

17" Diamabrush

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Dust Shrouds

5'' universal Shroud-371

125mm Universal Dust Shroud

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180 Slide Shroud trans-384 

180mm Universal Dust Shroud

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