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Dustless Masonry Saw

If dust control is an issue, this is the answer!

Introducing SawMaster's SDT1410-D Wet/Dry Masonry Saw
Dry Cutting Masonry Saw with External Dust Extraction + Wet Cutting Ability too..

The ABSOLUTE BEST Extracted Saw in New Zealand

SawMaster SDT 1410-D

Externally Extracted Masonry Saw
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Lightweight, Portable, Dry/Extracted Masonry Saw.
99% Effective for Silica Dust Extraction

(when paired with DashClean G12-s Extractor)

  • 2.2kW Direct Drive, Carbon Brush Motor
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Motor Bearing
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Rollers on slide tray
  • Adjustable Dust Shroud
  • 14” (350mm) dia. Blade –25.4mm Arbor
  • Wet or Dry Cutting Options
  • Max Depth 125mm Cut, Max Length 430mm
  • 800mm L x 470mm W x 762mm H (highest setting)
  • Just 35kg

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Check out our Demonstration Video Below

Cutting Different Materials with the Dry/Extracted SDT1410-D Saw & H-Class DashClean G12-s
G12S  1-219

 Dash Logo-133-83-664

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Including the G18
Single Motor - 1.7kW Ametek
H-Class Filtration, D.o.P Tested to exceed >99.99% Efficiency @ 0.3um
Endless Bagging System to eliminate unnessecary contact with Silica Waste

NZ's Most Powerful in its Class!!!


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